Cut Out Sleeve Pullover Sweater

Must start with how the weather was in most of the country with snow and below zero temperatures. I have been living in sweaters and jackets most of this winter. It feels really good when the sun pops out and you tend to feel warm in 2-5 degrees C (aka 37-40 degrees F). And when it's sunny out in the winter I tend to pull out all my sweaters to enjoy the beautiful day strolling around for errands.

Last week I wore this Cut Out Sleeve Pull Over Sweater from Skies Are Blue and I got this sweater from my Stitch Fix Box. To keep the look simple I paired this sweater with a Lara Distresses Skinny Jean from Just Black Denim, and for the shoe this Slip-On Sneakers from DSW was just perfect to run around. For the accessories I wore this Cluster Necklace from BaubleBar.

Cut Out Sleeve Pullover Sweater - Skies Are Blue (from my Stitch Fix box)
Lara Distresses Skinny Jean - Just Black Denim
Cluster Necklace - Bauble Bar
Bag - Micheal Kors
Slip-On Sneakers - DSW

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. Very cute! Love the color... it looks great with your hair. And the shoes? <--- perfect touch!