Printed Maxi Skirt - Nissequogue River State Park

I just love mixing prints with bold colors. Like in this outfit I tried playing with the prints and lace! This maxi skirt in bold print, paired so well with the white lace crop top. A cool combination of soft and edgy, while still keeping the chic vibe to the overall look. I pared this combo with a statement necklace and beaded charm bracelet. A good pair of pointed flats is your best friend in the summer months.

Maxi Skirt - Nordstorm
Crop Top - Dillards
Necklace - Baublebar
Bracelet - Bay to Baubles
Flats - Aldo

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. Very pretty! The lace top with the maxi skirt is so easy and summery and just beautiful! I do hope you can link up your fabulous style at my new On the Edge of the Week Link Up this Friday! I would love to see you there!


  2. What fun! Nothing screams summer more to me than throwing on a comfy maxi and taking a stroll through a park!

  3. I love the fabulous multi colour print in your skirt and you look so pretty. I like to wear printed maxi skirts too, because my boyfriend finds me more gorgeous when I wear them. Recently he gifted me a skirt from this website and I love it.