Lace Dress - Fashion Friday's

Lightweight Lace Dress is one of the most wearable fabrics for summer. Whether its handwoven or not, it just adds a touch of romance to any outfit you choose to wear from day to night. This lace dress is not only stylish but also comfortable for sunny summer days and I think everyone must have at least one piece in their wardrobe before the summer ends. 

I wore this sleeveless white crochet lace dress with camisole which was perfect for weekend errands. I paired this outfit with white flats and similar accessories to keep the look simple.

Lace Dress : Garage Clothing
Flats : Aldo
Accessories : Charming Charlie

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. Love the white lace dress on you and the photography is impeccable.

    1. Thank you dear... Well all the photography credit goes to my hubby ☺️❤️... I left a comment on your latest post as Kitty 😊