Collared Shift Dress - Travel Tuesday's

Weekend Brunch was calling and I have got the perfect brunch spread waiting for me. I made sure to greet it with the perfect t outfit.

I wore this Shift Dress with embroidered details at the neck and hemline for the perfect weekend brunch and also for a date night ensemble. To dress it up, I paired the shift dress with lace up sandals and accessorized with a pearl necklace and bracelet.

Collared Shift Dress - Dillards
Lace Up Sandals - Charollete Russe
Necklace And Bracelete - Zales
Watch - Micheal Kors


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  1. I love this outfit -- it's elegant without being too formal. And the shoes are adorable!

    Emma |

  2. Cute dress, love it paired with those flats. I hope you'll stop by for the Good HUES-Day Linkup this week :)

    - Amanda @

  3. Gorgeous dress and it is super flattering! I love the color and the embroidery details!


  4. This is such a gorgeous dress and it really compliments your skin tone too! I love the neckline, and the length of the dress is just right for me too. I don't like midi dresses and anything higher could be a bit obscene with my butt! Haha!

    Lottie xx