Lunch Date Outfit - Fashion Friday's

Since last couple of years pastels have been a trend into being a sort of lifestyle choice that simply can't go out of style. Wearing pastels can be a little bit tricky. For example, you can combine it with a neutral base, white or black. I am wearing this light pastel dress with a bit of sparkle and just added this ankle flats skipping all the accessories.

Dress : Forever 21
Flats : Charollete Russe

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. Stunning outfit, love it!! Thanks for your following me, I'm following you too now also on FB and Instagram! :)

  2. Love the outfit , it's true, wearing pastel could be tricky, wearing it with neutral base makes it look polished & pretty
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    1. Thank you dear ❤️... Sure would visit your blog ☺️

  3. Lovely your outfit!

  4. That is such a pretty, girly and fancy blush pink dress. Love the sparkly skirt, Kitty. Plus the pretty pink flowers match beautifully!

    Welcome by tomorrow and linkup with me on Thursdays. Thanks and enjoy the day! Ada. =)