Spring To Summer : Striped Tee

Spring to summer is warm to hot and we need something light to wear. Choosing clothes for spring is based on occasions we attend and of course the change in climate throughout spring to summer. In addition to the light colors that we can find in the spring and summer outfits, we can also see catchy prints that suit the spring season. I wore this striped sleeveless high low tee from H&M and my pink denim from Forever 21. I kept the rest of the outfit simple and easy, and finished it with a necklace and flats.

T-shirt : H&M
Denim : Forever 21
Flats : Aldo
Necklace : Esty

(Wear To Love Yourself)


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1 comment:

  1. This is a perfect outfit for a hot summer day. I love that pink trousers.