Pink V-Neck Sweater

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New York weather keeps changing - it's hot, then cold, then hot and again cold. Needless to say, my sweaters are still out in full force. I was excited when i found this pink v-neck sweater from GAP as it was super soft and perfect for this spring. I paired this sweater with denim capri and to play up an accent color i wore bright pink flats. Nothing greets the spring time with a pearl accessory!

Sweater : GAP
Denim Capri : Express
Flats : Charollete Russe
Necklace : Charming Charlie

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. This look is so cute. I love the sweater and pumps in matching tones. Your necklace is so pretty too.
    Have you noticed that you've got some latin text still showing where it says Kitty's Lifestyle? This happened to me when I changed my blog format recently x
    Anna's Island Style