Denim Jacket & Leggings

I love this outfit as it is entirely most basic closet staples. These pieces together with fun bright colored necklace changes from a snoozefest into a cute outfit. Love! While head to toe basics certainly work, it's also nice to add something special - a scarf, a hat, a handbag - to put it all together.

Black leggings, white & grey sweater and the black jean jacket is perfect when it gets chilly this spring. This outfit certainly isn't anything special, as I don't have energy to make every day the best outfit I have ever worn. Regular day outfits like this should be a part of every woman's wardrobe.

Denim Jacket : Banana Republic
Sweater : Van Heusen
Leggings : Forever 21
Flats : Aldo
Necklace : Charming Charlie

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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1 comment:

  1. They're well-constructed, fit exactly how I expected (I'm 5'10" 125 lbs and the XS is great for me, even though they're probably shorter than on the model shown). The color of alo yoga was perfect for what I wanted and the material is soft and breathable.