Casual Top And Printed Leggings

You know that outfit? The one you wear when you can't figure out anything else to wear? The one that is comfortable yet stylish? I found my new "go-to" outfit. It is everything I need in an easy to wear outfit when I am in a hurry, or can't figure out what to wear that day.

I totally feel like me in this out fit. I love the blazer form New York & Company. I love checking out their deals they post daily and snagging up great pieces like this blazer.

Blazer : New York & Company
Top : Pacsun
Leggings : Forever21
Shoes : Vans
Accessories (chain) : Charming Charlie
Accessories (rings) : Zales and Kay Jewelers

(PS Wear To Love Yourself)


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  1. I love your outfit!From top to bottom,in every single detail.